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Five Considerations in Selecting a Dentist

We live in a consumer driven society. There are advertisements and reviews and 'how to's' that enable individuals to make wise choices before committing to a product or service. When it comes to health care, especially oral health care and dentistry, consumers may find themselves procrastinating until an emergency arrives to look for a dentist. Other consumers may have a long term relationship with their dental office but due to moving to a new location, find themselves starting over in the quest for a healthy smile.

Here are five points to consider when selecting a dentist.

1. Referrals - Word of mouth referrals from the community is the best place to start. Whether work, school, social outings, church, or other health care facilities, find a great smile and inquire about the Dentist that contributes to those pearly whites.

2. Location - With work and home schedules being busier than ever, it is important to choose a dentist office that is within a comfortable driving distance. This varies depending on individual preference. Accessibility is key in keeping appointments or scheduling a 'drop in' if a problem occurs. Long term with your dentist office means you don't dread making the trek.

3. Office Hours - Check on office hours and days to ensure convenient scheduling with the dental office of your choice.

4. Insurance - Check to see if the dental office accepts the dental insurance you are using.

5. Emergency Policy - One of the best things about establishing a long term relationship with your dentist office can be their emergency policy. Inquire, when choosing your Dentist, about how they handle emergency dental issues when the office is closed.

After selecting a Dentist, call to schedule a cleaning and exam. We love your smile!

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