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The Importance of the Oral Cancer Screening Exam

I'm always proud of my dad for emphasizing the highest professionalism and also the importance of the oral cancer screening exam.

I'd like to share that some key ideas of my dissertation (PhD in applied mathematics) in application to cancer were recently published (November 27) in the journal Nature Communications and are located at

- this work is a multidisciplinary collaboration involving quantitative and experimental sciences, between laboratories of Herschel Rabitz (Chemistry/Applied Math) and Yibin Kang (Molecular Biology).

- the research confirms predictions by mathematical modeling and shows that metastatic efficiency of tumor cells is sensitive to key dynamics, specifically the presence of a particular hysteresis controller.

- the research highlights the identification and role of key dynamics in better understanding the molecular basis of metastasis, which could lead to better diagnosis and more effective treatment through better targeting.

Despite the tremendous strides being made in cancer treatment at late stage (metastasis), it is important to emphasize that early detection of cancer is key, as 90% of cancer mortality comes from metastasis.

For dentistry and oral health, the oral cancer screening exam is an efficient and effective exam that health practitioners use, including my dad, to detect oral cancer.

NATURE.COM Hysteresis control of epithelial-mesenchymal transition dynamics conveys a distinct program with enhanced metastatic ability The epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a dynamic process that plays important roles in cancer progression and metastasis. Here, the authors characterize a non-linear hysteretic response of E-cadherin repression during TGFβ-induced EMT that is controlled by the strength of the miR-200s/ZEBs ... Comments

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