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(This blog is in a question and answer format. We hope you enjoy getting to know Dr. Bastian and his team.)

How long have you, Dr. Basitan/ Smiles for All, been at 734 East Main Street in Hendersonville, TN?

"I opened the practice here in September, 1986. I worked for four years prior in a group dental practice in Gallatin, Tennessee with colleagues who provided me with encouragement and guidance. I try to keep in mind that people are always 'at the end' of the teeth we are working on!"

How has dentistry changed since you began making a difference in the Hendersonville community?

"There has been an ever-growing focus on esthetics/cosmetics as well as a large interest in and delivery of implant-based dental reconstructions. Because modern dentistry demonstrates high excellence in dental treatment generally, people have high expectations. Fortunately, not luckily, the dental community is quite capable of meeting these expectations in most cases."

What would you like to say to new patients looking to choose a family Dentist?

"Excellent question! Contact people you personally know of good character and ask them who they recommend as a family dentist. Also, especially if new to a community, call the offices of a couple dental specialists such as oral surgeons, endodontists and/or periodontists who've been in practice there for at least a few years. These individuals should be able to recommend a dependable general family dentist as they will be familiar with the professional 'qualities' personally and technically of the local dental community. They should be able and willing to suggest a suitable general dentist for your consideration."

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