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A Family Thing

Choosing a family Dentist sets up a life long habit of good dental hygiene for you and your children. Children are less likely to have anxiety about regular cleanings if they watch their parents role model regular cleanings.

When your family is entrusted to the same Dentist this creates 'whole family dynamics'. Your Dental team can watch for eruption patterns with baby teeth and wisdom teeth, answer parent's concerns, encourage and reinforce healthy eating habits for your family. Your family dentist has strong contacts with other dental services and can refer you to Orthodontist, Endodontists, and Oral Surgeons.

Family dentistry establishes a strong connection with your Dentist. If you are ever faced with a dental emergency, your family dentist is there for you. When out of town family members visit, this can be a real comfort to know that your extended family can rely on your Dentist.

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