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Words Are Important

Ever wonder about the value of proper communication to convey an assessment or opinion accurately? Consider this exchange between my father - a man of high character, good humor, and superb judgement - and a black master stonemason plying his craft for my dad at our home 'Greystone' some fifty years ago. The stonemason, Elliot, if memory serves me correctly, was hired by my father to set large, cut limestone blocks, ranging from a mere dozens of pounds to many in excess of two hundred pounds, in what had been an old doorway being converted to a window. The work was hot and tedious. After much effort requiring trimming and lifting, pushing and tugging, 'Mr. Elliot' called my father over to assess the stone's position and levelness. Dad came over, eyeballed the placement and after some moments announced : Elliot, that's GOOD! Elliot's response was priceless : (My father had retired in 1964 as a 'full-bird' colonel from the USAF) "Colonel, I sho' am glad to hear you say 'that's GOOD' an' not 'Good enough' 'cause there's a world of difference between good 'n good-enough"! I miss my dad (and mom) to this day and the quality of excellence in him and men like Elliot.

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